Women in Art

Millenniums ago, Goddess culture was on this earth.
We women were the sun and truly the creators.
With the progress of civilization, God became stronger and
Goddesses were suppressed to the level of society’s unconscious.
Goddesses have had to sleep for thousands of years……Until now.

A Goddess is Coming to Town
Mayumi Oda will be on hand at the Iwasawa Gallery during this exhibition

Mayumi Oda, an internationally recognized artist whose work embodies traditional Eastern iconography and bold Western influence.

Liberation is the theme of Mayumi Oda’s life, standing strong for the rights and liberation of women. This theme is carried over to her art work.

Drawing her images from old Japanese woodblock prints, she transforms the traditional masculine Buddhist Gods into their joyous female counterparts.

Oct. 12 – Nov. 14, 1998
Opening Reception Oct. 12, 6:00 pm with a lecture by Karyn Young, a featured artist in Michael Verne’s new book, Quiet Elegance, published by Charles Tuttle and Featuring the work of women artists working in traditional and contemporary directions


Sadae Walters


Takako Atsumi
Valerie Baber
Kinuyo Hariya
Janel Jacobson
Tami Nakamura
Yakou Ohta
Koen Oshita
Kim Robinson
Ikumi Saito
Masami Sakai
Sumi Sata
Susan Wright
Sachiko Yuge


Gretchen Schneider
Michiko Shimoda

——–Print Maker——-

Helen Hyde
Elizabeth Keith
Bertha Lum
Naoko Matsubura
Lilian Miller
Osawa Nanpo
Mayumi Oda
Katsushika Oi
Tamami Shimia
Toko Shinoda
Karyn Young